Discovering Me

Okay, so I’ve decided to write a blog. I’ve realized that I’m always in my own head and the conversation I hold with myself has inspired me to share some of my moments in life that has gotten me here…in the NOW. This place is where I hold my peace and this place has made me who I am.

I am INFINITE and I am Nanu. Creator of my world.

Let’s just start by saying that growth isn’t always pretty. There are things I use to hold that aren’t very nurturing for the soul. Things I need to make peace with and let it just flow along with the current….forever. So as I observe these old chapters in my life…the things I love, I’ll cherish immensely and anything that burns my heart I’ll learn from it and then, goodbye! I noticed when I try to carry every single little aspect in my life, it’s starts to get heavy. Then it starts to weigh me down. I use to hold even the things that hurts me unknowingly in my mind and it keeps replaying over and over especially when I’m down. Now this gets me emotionally and psychologically depressed. But here’s the thing, I found myself asking why must I go through this all the time? Why is this happening to me? I don’t want it. Is this how my blueprint suppose to be like? Pffft! It got so tiring being so helpless, annoying even. I just got sick of it. So you know what I did…I took a step outside of my body, almost like astral projecting and I saw myself. I couldn’t help but want to hold that little me, like a baby. I didn’t want to leave her and I wasn’t going to. This is where I found courage and comfort. Im not lying when I say that on that day… I met my higherself. She didn’t come to comfort me. She came and told me like it is. She said almost disappointingly….”little girl.” She was a reminder of who I really am. I’m a warrior who fights back. Even if the fight was with myself, sometimes you got to know what’s right from wrong and admit it and grow from it. No ego. That’s power right there.

So you see, I was never alone to begin with. I was too busy in my own hell I’ve created that I forgot all about heaven. With a lot of practice…I’ve finally taken myself out of that sad mindset and here I am with a heart full of love and light. I have so much to give now. To love myself. To love all. To forgive and have compassion but most importantly to not allow anything in the 3d world to hurt my soul, ever again. As above, so below. I am the only Nanu. 💙